About Us


Welcome to our webpage!


This is a site where you can get free market price information about the forest you would like to cut. Just insert the volume of the forest and add tree species and their assortments in percentages (%). You may also get an overview of timber prices at intermediate storage place (closest road near the cutting area) and info about current market trends.

Our system calculates the prices at the intermediate storage place based on current timber market prices and transport costs.

As a forest owner, buyer or wood processor you can compare different prices of the timber buying companies by tree type and assortment.

IMPORTANT: Since timber marketing and transport on Estonia´s islands (above all in Saaremaa and Hiiumaa) is different from the general price system, please contact us to get an offer for timber located in these areas.

Keep in mind that the prices given on the site www.metsaraha.ee are informative. The price of the assortment may change at the delivery destination. The price depends on the quality of the delivered timber, quantity and possible changes in the distance of the transport.

According to this, we invite you to contact us after you have got the price offer in our system and we´ll help you to find the best solution.

We don´t buy timber cut from key habitat areas!


In addition we offer:

consultations about demand of different  timber assortments on the current market;

Overview of timber assortments` quality requirement at different purchasing locations.