User manual

How to use the program

In order to find out the price of the inserted round timber assortments by the nearest road to the cutting area proceed as follows:

Enter the timber location into section Insert the Location on the Map (NB! The application does not allow finding the location by the cadastral unit or name of the farm/house. A larger location (e.g. village or town) has to be chosen.) You may also mark the location by dragging the red marker on the map to the right place, preferably on a road. You may turn in the satellite photo mode if needed. You´ll find it from the upper left corner of the map.

After the determination of the location move to the section Enter the Assortment. In the subsection Prices for assortments on the location you can choose the assortment by tree type and by its length and diameter. Every assortment´s length and diameter class has to be entered separately. Use the Add more button for that.

When you have entered all the assortments be sure to read the terms of use and agree to these (click to insert a checkmark). Then click on Show the Price and the program will calculate the prices of the assortments both in the delivery destination and the intermediate storage by the forest.

You can download the prices of the chosen assortments by clicking on the Download PDF.

You may also send the whole pricelist of the assortments which is buying to your e-mail. Just click on the envelope logo in the subsection on the right and fill in the required fields (marked with *), agree with the terms and click on the blue button Send – the price list will be sent to the e-mail given by you.

NB. Without agreeing with the terms of use the program does not calculate the prices.